Taking Prints


After you have placed your order, we will send you an Impression Kit and detailed instructions free of charge. The kit contains a non-toxic moulding compound and the process only takes a few minutes. We will send you enough compound to take up to three prints and it comes in two parts: white and blue.

Instructions for taking prints

Before starting, make sure that your fingers are clean and dry. Once the two compounds have been mixed together the mixture will harden within 5–6 minutes, so the prints need to be taken within this time.

1. Split the blue compound in to three equal pieces and roll one into a round ball, as shown.
2. Repeat step 1 for the white compound.
3. Mix both compounds together.


Blue compond
White compound







4. When all streaks have gone, roll the compound into a ball and slightly flatten
5. Press a finger into the mould and hold for 30–60 seconds. Do not allow the finger to push through the bottom.
6. Set the compound to one side for 5–10 minutes to harden and then you can inspect the print.


Mixed compound
Taking print







If you are not entirely happy with the clarity of the print, you can have two more attempts with the compound we have provided.

For babies and toddlers this process can be more easily done while they are asleep and their fingers are still! May we remind you that children in this age group sometimes have not developed a complete fingerprint, but you will, however, have created a fine print and a ‘dimple’ of their fingertip, which is just as precious.

Now all you have to do is send the compound back to us and after your chosen piece is finished (see the Hand Made tab, above), we will then send it to you by post. Orders normally take around 14 days from receipt of your impressions. We can also fast track orders if required – please contact us for special requests.