We can find brambles in almost every hedgerow and yet we seldom stop to look at them. They have the most beautiful and intricate leaves. These have been captured in Precious Metal Clay in this range to compliment our traditional Sterling Silver jewellery.


Some of the first impressions our ancestors made working with silver were round marks made by striking the metal to form interesting shapes. This has been the inspiration for the Dappled Range, enhancing the reflective surface of our Sterling Silver to create dancing light, which shifts and changes.


The Strata Range has been influenced by our Welsh slate and the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline. This has been captured using textured Sterling Silver.


The inspiration for our Anticlastic range is free form with no two pieces ever being the same.


Cylchau is welsh for circles. Donna’s inspiration for this range has come from the natural circles and patterns formed in the sand at low tide on our beautiful Pembrokeshire beaches.


The shingle range reflects the tiny pebbles and stones that are washed up on our shores in West Wales forming a myriad of tiny patterns.

All of the above designs are available in these ranges. Please contact us on 01437 766698 for further details

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