Silver Sugar Tong Bangles

As the name suggests silver sugar tong bangles are simply upcycled sugar tongs.Each one is unique and many are antique dating back as far as early the early 1800’s. I research the hallmarks to give you the history of the sugar tong. Often though we can only guess at the life its had and in whose hands it has been held. If you live locally you are welcome to come and choose one from our range. Alternatively you can have a look at all of the bangles by clicking on the link below and buy them online.

If you have any silver sugar tongs lurking in your drawer which is part of your own family history, we can turn it into a beautiful piece of jewellery for you.

All hand made products with a range of sizes which in some cases can be adjusted. Some can be hammered to add a different effect to the typical silver shine.

Silver Sugar Tong Collection 

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