Silver Spoon Rings

Silver spoon rings are up-cycled tea spoons.The history behind spoon rings goes back in time,when a proposal was made and money was short, enterprising young men took to ‘borrowing’ a piece of silver cutlery and making a ring for his beloved. A lovely tradition that has been revived and is gaining in popularity.

Each one is unique and many are antique dating back as far as early the early 1800’s. We research the hallmarks to give you the history of the spoon. Often though we can only guess at the life its had and in whose hands it has been held. If you live locally you are welcome to come and choose your ring from our range. Alternatively you can contact us on 01437 766698 for further details.

If you have an old silver spoon lurking in your drawer which is part of your own family history, we can turn it into a beautiful piece of jewellery for you.