Memorial Jewellery

At a time of loss or bereavement you may consider commissioning one of of our beautiful pieces of silver jewellery. From a silicone cast we faithfully capture a fingerprint before setting it in silver for a piece of jewellery you can wear forever.

We work with funeral directors throughout South Wales who will be happy to take the print and to discuss the design with you. For further details please see our list of memorial partners.

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When Dad suddenly passed away we had to make some decisions quickly. My brother really wanted something personal to remember him by and choosing Creative Impressions Fingerprint Jewellery had enabled us to keep a small piece of Dad with us every day. JT

Our son was ill for 2 years and we knew that we only had a short time left with him.We spent this time making lots of happy memories. The fingerprint jewellery you have made for us and all the family is priceless and we can’t thank you enough. SB

Alternatively you can contact us 01437 766698 to discuss your requirements.